Rehabilitation for Former Attack

2 min readJan 27, 2022


Dear Sashimi users,

After a series of careful evaluations, we are here to announce the project’s rehabilitation plan from the previous attack. The plan was made under the best considerations of the SASHIMI users’ benefits while meeting with the team situations.

SASHIMI Distribution Page

We launched the SASHIMI Distribution page at Users have 90 days to deposit qualified LP tokens, in which way they will be able to claim the SASHIMI token on this page under the new tokenomic rules. Specifically, users need to deposit LP tokens that were received before the block height at 13,905,777 to receive their SASHIMI distribution. Undeposited LP tokens will not count for the share of SASHIMI distribution. LP token that received after the block height at 13,905,777 does NOT meet the requirement of participating in the distribution plan. If you deposited an unqualified LP token, the deposited LP token would be forfeited. The subsequent loss will be responsible to the user who deposited it.

New SASHIMI Tokenomic

An additional 140 million SASHIMI token has been issued to meet the increasing demand in correlation to the distribution plan. The 140 million SASHIMI token will be distributed proportionally to liquidity providers. And the SASHIMI token will be released in a linear way.

There is a 180-day period to claim all the released SASHIMI tokens. 10 days after you deposit the qualified LP token, the correspondent SASHIMI token will be sent on a constant scale every 24-hour. If the LP token were deposited after the start of the distribution plan, LP will receive their share of SASHIMI token on the 10th day after they deposited their LP token. The receiving amount will be equal to their share from the day the distribution plan started. Sooner or later the LP token was deposited, LP will receive the same amount of distributed SASHIMI token.

Re-deployment of Attacked Contract

The team has re-deployed the Sashimiswap router contract. The contract functions to add and remove liquidity and conduct token swap. The re-deployed contract has been audited and confirmed by KnownSec.

Integration of Functions

To provide a better user experience after the previous function curtail and to better catering Sashimi’s autonomous future, we are launching a new Sashimi version. The version includes compact functions of the swap, lending, and governance. In this version, users could no longer yield SASHIMI token in the Lending and the Farm sessions on Ethereum, BSC, and Heco chain.


Sashimi team




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