Dear Sashimi users,

We are unfortunate to inform you that Sashimi has suffered sensational hacker attack earlier. The hacking result in a direct loss on the Sashimi ETH pool, and a series of subsequent arbitrages right after the burglary.

As we have located the attacked issue, the Sashimi team has…

To send our sincere appreciation for your patience and long-term support, SASHIMI team decided to repurchase a certain amount of SASHIMI tokens from secondary market ( at 0.1 USDT/SASHIMI cap. The repurchase campaign will begin on November 8th and it will last for at most 10 days.

Sashimi team is…

Sashimi team has been dedicated to trying our best to provide the best experience to our platform users. However, due to our resource recombination and organizational optimization, we decided to pull off certain features of the Sashimi platform in the near future.

As we are preparing for the curtail, our…

Dear users,

As a decentralized blockchain project that believes in the community’s self-determination, we are happy to see that our community has explored this platform’s intrinsic value by itself during the last few days. We believe this is how it should be in the blockchain space and would love to confirm the community’s full autonomy in determining the true value of the platform and its token $Sashimi.

For full disclosure, our team does not own any Sashimi tokens to avoid any conflict of interest. Yet, we are proud to see the platform’s growing adoption across the world, as a few metrics all suggest. While we work hard to improve the platform every day, we have deep faith in an even brighter future for our entire community because we believe this is the future of #DeFi.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Best regards,

SashimiSwap Team


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